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Guarantee Statement for Export
1. General
We guarantee for the quality of our products. In case of a deficiency the product can be changed. 

2. Case of Guarantee
The case of guarantee takes place,  if parts have deficiencies as a follow of a faulty production. Deficiencies are lacks, which affect the savety and the function of the PowerSkip.
Wear and tear is not a case of guarantee.

3. Exchange-Parts
Exchange-Parts are excluded from guarantee.They are:
a) the sole ( part 3.4 on the footlever)
b) the springs (E640; E580; E520; E460)
c) the bearing bushes (part 1.11 and 3.5)
Note: Exchange-Parts are weared out during use. With the current technology it is not possible to design and manufacture this parts for a durable use. For more information see engineering/function.

4. Announcement
The lack has to be announced  to us within 4 weeks after delivery. The announcement has to be in a form, that it is possible for us to judge the announced lack.

5. Acceptance of the Announcement
The case of guarantee is declared by us, if the lack is a deficiency in the sense of " 2. Case of Guarantee" under consideration of  "3. Exchange-Parts" and  "4. Announcement".

6. Enforcement
If a case of guarantee is declared by us, the new parts will be sent free. If the repair can not be fullfilled at the customer, the PowerSkip can be sent to us to the debit of the costumer. We will then repair it and send it back free.